Exact Business

Thoughtful choices through insight into your business!

Real-time insight into your finances and customer data gives you the knowledge to make the right decision at the right time. Rereading the last conversation report on the way to the customer, looking at the figures during the visit and sending an offer immediately afterwards. This is possible if you always have all the company information at hand. On your smartphone, tablet or your PC.


Automated administration

Your business processes are linked and automated. Also the online link with your bank or a scanning service, for example. This makes the processing of administrative tasks incredibly quick and efficient. What's more, you avoid errors because you don't have to do any manual entry. This leaves you time for the things you find really important!

Specifications Exact business


Financiële software is het hart van elke onderneming


ERP-software voor handelsbedrijven bundelt alle bedrijfsprocessen.