Call Center Pro

CC Pro - What is this!?

Call Center Pro solution is a set of add-on services that gives you additional PBX features and rich insights to improve your call center workflow and increase customer satisfaction. CC Pro is used for comprehensive statistics and queuing functionalities. It is perfect for call and contact centers that want a more robust solution for managing calls and statistics - resulting in a more efficient workday and smarter staffing.
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Why CC Pro?

One of the biggest problems that call center managers face is agent scheduling. They need advanced insights to ensure efficient staffing. A lack of insights makes it difficult to optimize the number of agents and their working hours for customer phone traffic.

Customers expect their issues to be resolved as quickly as possible. Without additional PBX functionality, agent workflow is inefficient, negatively impacting customer satisfaction.

The solution? Call Center Pro.


Delayed groups

Add receptionists in waves. When the primary group does not answer, switch to the next after a certain time, etc.


Instead of forcing customers to wait in the queue, the service will call the customer when it is their turn.


Keep statistics on the entire team. This is a visual representation of who did what.


Listen in on colleagues' conversations in real time - a much-needed feature for education purposes.

Open URL

One-click search for caller information in existing CRM or ERP systems. All this during the call.

Auto Logout

When a receptionist does not answer or is in inactive mode for a long time, the system will automatically log the person out of the group.

Wrap Up

Give receptionists the time they deserve after a call to get their records in order.

Pause system

One can create a custom profile with a pause function. This temporarily pauses the membership of a queue so that they do not receive calls and have time for other work.


Dashboard with live data. Monitor service levels, average wait time and dropped calls from a live dashboard - both from a group perspective and an individual perspective.

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