Working together at a high level

Collaboration has long been the key to a well-functioning company. However, we have noticed that this has become increasingly difficult in recent years due to the advent of working from home. AllesCloud wants to anticipate this by offering a UCaaS system that is as complete as possible and which bundles the best communication resources. AllesCloud's UCaaS system not only provides telephony, but can also be used to chat with everyone in the same organization. Also, online meetings can easily be set up within the same platform. 



Even in the age of chat and email, phone calls are still the most personal way to connect. But with more demands on your workday, you need to make the most of every conversation.


Three clear, intuitive message groups - individual, team and company-wide. Send individual messages via SMS or instant message. Initiate group chats or participate in public chat rooms. Visual status indicators let you know when it's a good time to send a colleague a message.


With the workforce becoming more dispersed, virtual meetings are a great way to break down barriers and collaborate with colleagues. Allescloud UCaaS provides you with a solution that is robust, flexible and intuitive.


History and Voice Mail
Personal IVR
Profiles and BLF
Different numbers
Caller ID

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